Real Estate
On Your Terms

In his book, Real Estate on Your Terms, trusted real estate expert, consultant coach, mentor and author, Chris Prefontaine, leverages his 25+ years years of experience, including lessons learned during the 2008 Real Estate crash, to share a proven business game plan for enjoying profitable deals without risking your own money or credit. Learn the systems necessary to generate the right leads in your area and how to convert them—simultaneously—to create cash now, monthly cash flow, and longer term wealth building in a simple, proven, and predictable way.

The model discussed in Real Estate on Your Terms introduces you to a business that guides you step by step in working with sellers and buyers who will recognize your solution as the best pathway, all while earning potential astronomical returns without risking your own money or credit. Chris helps readers understand that there is a logical, profitable, systematic way to structure deals on your terms with his Nine Steps to Success, found within the pages of Real Estate on Your Terms.

About Chris Prefontaine

Chris Prefontaine has had multiple careers within the real estate industry over more than 25 years. During the 1990s, he built more than a hundred single-family homes. From 1994–2000, he owned a Realty Executives franchise in Massachusetts, before selling his real estate brokerage to Coldwell Banker. In the past, Chris, his wife, Kim, and their business partners have converted numerous multifamily homes into condominiums, and converted single-family ranch homes into colonials in growth neighborhoods. Chris has a passion for continuous education and helping others grow to their full potential. He has coached more than 30,000 people throughout the United States and Canada since the year 2000. The family business in Newport, Rhode Island, buys four to ten properties per month, mostly via lease-purchases and owner financing, and has engineered more than 75-million dollars of real estate transactions. The company also coaches and helps negotiate deals with Joint-Venture Partners around the country.


If you want a coach/mentor who is talking the talk and walking the walk, Chris is definitely the guy. Not only does he have a ton of experience but he doesn’t hold back any punches, and he provides the evidence to support his success. I strongly recommend Chris and his team if you are still on the fence. Invest in yourself and a good coach and mentor. Thanks, Chris.”

Sergio Ortega,
Owner, Real Property Solvers

“Chris Prefontaine knows, and for that matter, so does the entire Prefontaine family, what it means to do the work that has to be done to reach the goal. Unlike other ‘successful’ people who pull up the ladder when they ‘get theirs,’ Chris measures success by how high he can elevate everyone around him by sharing what he has learned.

Jay F. Theise,

“Chris Prefontaine is an amazing entrepreneur and a man for which I have tremendous respect. I have had the pleasure of working with him over the past fifteen years. He is a man of integrity, and he seeks to help others and build relationships that last. This book is eye opening, and Chris describes what he knows best … teaching others how to win. I highly recommend this book and hope that you will take his lesson and message to heart.”

Joseph Land,
JL Capital Group, LLC

“Real Estate on Your Terms’ is filled with practical, workable methods for anyone wanting to build consistent sustainable cash flow and long-term wealth. Chris Prefontaine lays out a simple plan and implements a specific system that, when put into action, will be very profitable for novice and experienced investors alike. I’ve experienced first-hand the value of Chris’s methods in action through his mentoring and closing highly profitable deals. If you’re looking for results, ‘Real Estate on Your Terms’ is packed full of proven techniques and I would encourage anyone looking for financial freedom to read Chris’s book.”

Don Strickland,
Owner, Structure Property Solutions

“Chris provides a step- by – step guide, and unlike some authors, he is not afraid to be candid about what can go wrong. That’s because he’s writing not just as an expert but also as a guide and mentor who is willing to take his readers on as students and eventually business partners. If you realize after reading this book that you want to tap into Chris’s systems and benefit from his coaching, my advice is to waste no time doing so. Chris is so successful at what he does that he may be camped out on a Caribbean island some day enjoying the good life.

Ron LeGrand,
Author of How to Be a Quick-Turn Real Estate Millionaire.